Imagine Kuroko in the library overhearing people asking their friends where to find a specific book, so he goes and grabs it for them and leaves it on a table near them like a book-distributing-ninja and eventually, there’s an urban legend that if you go to Seirin High’s library and ask for a book politely it will appear on a table by you.

Ame & Yuki: Growing Potaytoes 
I'm Nozaki Umeko pyon~

Do you best jump, go as fast as you can, and fly.

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Rin’s laughter is a gift 

Matching Ryumako icons again with evachildren AGAIN :D

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fma meme » eight friendships/OTPs {8/8}

↳ Roy & Riza

Does wanting to know more about him mean that I love him?…

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